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Sports Psychology

I understand how debilitating anxiety can be and the strength it takes to fight back. Being an athlete requires commitment, deliberation, consistency, and self-awareness. It is important for an athlete to learn how to embrace their competitive nature, but control it as well.  One of my main goals is to educate athletes, parents, and coaches on the symptoms of performance anxiety and ways to cope with it. 

For Athletes

Understand the causes and symptoms of performance anxiety

Maintain presence on and off the field

Identify triggers and learn skills to reduce your symptoms

Acquire the skills to compete at your highest level 

Create a routine and implement effective rituals

For Coaches

Educate on the symptoms of performance anxiety

Create a TEAM when you have a group of head-strong individuals

Gain skills on how to effectively communicate and motivate 

Identify when to push and when to listen

Manage the stress and pressures associated with coaching

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