Speaking and Training

My backgrounds in psychology, social work, and collegiate athletics allow me to create learning environments with diverse experiences to draw from. I use a combination of approaches to best engage my participants, but every session I facilitate is interactive, engaging, and aims to increase self-awareness. A high level of self-awareness is needed in order for learning to be put into practical action, create new mindsets and effectively alter behaviors.


​Development Topics:

  • Igniting Resiliency: Importance of self-care, healthy connections, and positive mindsets

  • "But wait, are you really listening?" Tips on how to be an effective communicator and motivator

  • Key Components to Peace and Stability: Boundary setting and increasing self-awareness

  • Taming the Ego: Internal vs. external validation

  • Be Mindful and Present: Learn how to show up, pay attention, and stop multitasking!

  • "Is this normal?" Stress vs. anxiety vs. depression and how to cope

  • Burnout: Put out the flames by changing up your rhythm

2020 Speaking Events:

  • Red Ventures - Wellness training

  • ComplianceLine - Wellness training

  • DC Psychological Association - webinar

  • Commercial Real Estate Women - webinar

  • International Women's Build Confidence Conference - speaker

  • INBound 2020 - speaker

  • SHRM Conference - speaker

  • Thrive TV - speaker

  • One Woman International Conference - speaker

  • Business Talk Radio - podcast guest

  • Anderson University - podcast guest

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