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2020 Holiday Tips

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Connect with others

You may not have the opportunity to see family or friends during the holidays, but don’t let that be your excuse to avoid connection. Be creative! Maybe commit to contacting someone you have fallen out of touch with this year or invite someone to take a hike or see the holiday lights.

Create a new tradition

Some of the best traditions are created from very humble beginnings. Work with what you have. Focus on the emotions that you want to feel and go from there. Identify the purpose and why are you celebrating in the first place.

Practice Presence and Gratitude

There is always something to be thankful for even if you have to dig deep to uncover it. Practicing gratitude encourages us to make a shift which results in new thoughts and an increase in positivity. Remember to stay present, make a new memory, or soak up an opportunity for growth.

Avoid ‘grass is greener’ thinking

This type of thinking is incredibly damaging and only encourages negative emotions. If you tend to fall victim to this mindset, take a meaningful break from social media and redirect your attention inward and to what you are experiencing.

Rest and Restore

Find time to put away your to-do lists and just be. Make it a priority to relax and nourish your body, mind, and soul. Fully welcome and take advantage of the much needed time away from work, even if it’s for a day or two. Keep your boundaries in check and find time to process and rejuvenate after difficult or triggering conversations or events.

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