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Family Therapy

I have extensive experience working with teens and their families. When it comes to navigating the role of being a parent I believe that we need to support and not solve. The phrase ‘helicopter parent’ is often used to describe many of us today. We have been told to always be two steps ahead in order to protect our children from discomfort or pain. This mentality has backfired though and has created new levels of stress for parents. Anxiety and mood disorders are on the rise and we are seeing a shift in motivation and accountability. It is important to encourage our children to own their feelings and gain the skills to cope and problem solve. Experiencing pain, frustration, and loss is part of life and builds resilience. Begin to reframe your role as a parent and become more of a nurturing supporter, rather than a solver. These skills will not only improve the relationship, but also help your child mature into a capable, confident adult.

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